The Landmark Leaks: Danger Ahead


According to emails obtained by Speak Up, the engineering company working on Landmark’s student housing project (which is owned by Flagstaff City Councilmember Mark Woodson) says the Rt 66 intersection at the site is too dangerous to even install a pedestrian crosswalk for the 650 students who will need to cross the road.  It cites “sight distance” and “approach speed concerns” as the primary reasons.

In other words, cars don’t have enough time to see the crosswalk, and they’re traveling too fast. Sounds dangerous.  The solution?

The developer plans to complete a study of what might be done a full year after 650 students have been crossing the street there.

Note to Planning and Zoning Commission: THAT’S NOT PLANNING.

Let them know!  Paste these addresses into an email with your concerns!,, Comments must be in by Wednesday, June 4th!

Then meet us at City Hall, July 11th @ 4PM!


One thought on “The Landmark Leaks: Danger Ahead

  1. I really must comment on this. ( FULL DISCLOSURE: My husband works for Woodson Engineering, Inc.) Please don’t demonize a local company for the failure of the Arizona Department of Transportation to take the safety of Flagstaff’s citizens seriously.

    Route 66 AND Milton Avenue are both governed by ADOT. The City of Flagstaff does NOT have jurisdiction over the horrible mess on the corner of Rte 66 and Milton. Do you know that it is a civil engineering firm’s job to manage the application of a proposed development, through the city process? I’ve never understood why the applicant, in this case, Landmark Properties, can’t manage the application process themselves. I too, find it ridiculous that ADOT won’t address the Milton/Rte.66 problem. Maybe Speak UP!/F3 needs to bring ADOT to the table to address it. And, final FYI – Mark Woodson, City Council member, will not be voting on this project, as it is obviously a conflict of interest.

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