“Landmark Leaks: Project Degrades Rt. 66 Traffic to ‘F’ Rating”


Transportation agencies note the traffic congestion and wait times on roads with an LOS (level of service) rating.  This grade ranges from A at best to F at worst, like high school.

The Landmark project degrades this area of Rt. 66 to an F rating, which signifies a condition of “forced breakdown or flow” in which “every vehicle moves in lockstep with the vehicle in front of it, with frequent slowing required. Travel time cannot be predicted, with generally more demand than capacity.”  The citizens of Flagstaff know how terrible traffic can be along Rt. 66 in the area of Butler and Milton already, often waiting 15 minutes to move a single mile.

Do we really want to waste more time, burn more fossil fuels and cause safety concerns for the 650 students that will need to cross the highway to get to NAU?

The city’s Planning and Zoning Commission will take up this question on June 11th. 
Got something to say about it?

Let them know!  Paste these addresses into an email with your concerns!
bkulina@flagstaffaz.gov, msawyers@flagstaffaz.gov, council@flagstaffaz.gov

Then meet us at City Hall, June 11th @ 4PM!


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