Next Steps on Landmark / Arrowhead Village

Great Flagstaff Speak Up meeting tonight, folks!  Anyone interested in working on the action items listed in this post should contact us via the Facebook group page as soon as possible so we can hook you up with others who are also interested!

First, we watched the video that represented both a victory and the most tense moments of City Council in recent memory: the withdrawal of the Landmark project.

We then watched an edited down version of the Mayor’s interview the following day, in which he explains his perspective on the contentious meeting and what might happen in the near future.

After that, everyone present discussed what would be done to continue the work on this issue.  There were four action items that came up several times as most important:

Research Upcoming Displacement Ordinance
City Council has agreed to look into a displacement ordinance for Flagstaff, but what does this mean?  What will it look like?  How can the community influence what it will look like?  At least two folks have decided to look into this and report back to the group.

–  Voting Campaign
It was noted that in order to bring the displacement ordinance before council quickly, four members would have to motion to bring it forward, and that there probably aren’t four members of council willing to do so.  That means that the upcoming elections matter a great deal.  Folks were already going to be working on election issues, but this solidified a very specific need to do so.

La Plaza Vieja Neighborhood Plan
La Plaza Vieja has been working on a neighborhood plan for years.  It was not officially certified by council because the Regional Plan got pushed to the forefront of the agenda, but once it is done – which could be only a couple of months – the P&Z Commission and City Council will have to take it into consideration when deciding any future rezoning requests in the neighborhood.  Several members of Speak Up who live in La Plaza Vieja have been discussing attending the monthly meetings of the neighborhood association and offering any assistance possible for this and other purposes.

Research Low Income Housing in Flagstaff
One member of Speak Up has decided to look into the current state of low income housing in the city.  What has been done?  What hasn’t been done?  What can be done?

Other ideas were as follows:

– La Plaza Vieja / Arrowhead Village Block Party!
Stay tuned for the date of this event, when the residents and people working to support them can come out, meet each other, and find out the best ways to be allies.

– Housing Trust Fund
Some Flagstaff folks are interested in looking into how to reestablish a housing trust fund in the city.

If anyone is interested in working on any of these ideas or projects, let us know!