About Flagstaff Speak Up!

Speak Up! is an initiative to engage Flagstaff’s residents in the political decisions that effect themselves and their community.  This initiative is apart of the larger Friends of Flagstaff Future, as a way to promote sustainability through developing a healthy and functioning democracy in Flagstaff.

The Speak Up! Team is a group of dedicated individuals working to ensure that the voices of the everyday citizen is expressed, heard, respected, and upheld. We believe that in order to achieve a greater Flagstaff, we must strive to educate and empower our residents so that the decisions made by government officials reflect our values. We recognize that our democracy is ill and we are here to attempt to heal it. In our eyes, the fight is not only to make our political figures act within the interest of the majority, but for the people to reestablish their sense of empowerment and self-worth in the political sphere.

Through our efforts we hope that a we can help foster a community vision of a greater Flagstaff, and help turn that vision into a reality.


Check out our facebook at: Facebook.com/FlagstaffSpeakUp


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